Finger Vein Smart Retail Catering Solution

Finger vein smart catering system is a card-free member safe consumption system developed by Dimai Technology based on finger vein living high-security identity authentication technology. Combining big data and Internet of Things technology, it is composed of merchants and users for member recharge, consumption, "Smart dining system" with integral functions such as points and discounts. It has broad market prospects and profitable space. The four characteristics of big system, big data, big security and big profit market will bring new changes to the entire catering industry.

System advantages:
The use of high-security finger vein technology as a member's living body identity certification is safe and convenient and cannot be copied
One-finger consumption
The number of store members increased rapidly through the number base, the turnover rate was high, and the profitability increased
Multi-scene implementation of membership functions such as cardless recharge consumption points, very competitive
A three-party beneficiary platform that realizes multiple possibilities in a set of catering system and realizes omni-channel customer interaction management
A platform with customizable functional modules covering single store management and integration

Customization options: a variety of functions can be expanded, and a variety of options are available. For more information, please contact Temai Technology Project Department.