指静脉智慧办公解决方案. 结合指静脉识别技术和互联网技术,实现了高安全高精准识别,从根源解决代打卡、通道和敏感区域的进出权限问题。

Finger Vein Smart Office Solution

Finger vein smart office solution. Combining finger vein recognition technology and Internet technology, high-security and high-precision verification is achieved, and the problem of access rights for access, access and sensitive areas is solved from the root.
Time and attendance data is shared in the cloud in real time, and data is exported with one click to save manpower and material resources. At the same time, network and data management of enterprise time and attendance are realized, which greatly improves the operating efficiency of the enterprise and significantly improves the operating efficiency of the enterprise.
Widely used in large and medium-sized enterprises, government agencies, construction sites, campus dormitories, bank vaults, driving schools, residential areas, prisons and other fields.
Customization options: a variety of functions can be expanded, and a variety of options are available. For more information, please contact MYTIME Project Department.